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A blog is short for the word weblog. A blog is similar to an online diary or a journal that is updated on a regular basis by an author or a group of users. Users without any technical knowledge can update their blogs from anywhere in the world by logging in online and updating their blog accordingly. There are currently millions of blogs and some have even been published as books. The great thing is that you can get your own free blog by simply signing up.


Blogs are also a good way to improve your search engine rankings. /

The biggest blog site in the world. If you haven't heard then you've been on a desert Island somewhere. Owned by Google, Blogger allows you to publish your blog and also allows you to make money form your site by using it Google AdSense service.


BlogEasy offers free blog hosting, which is a free web page publishing and syndication service that allows users to quickly share information, such as news, reviews, blogs, journals, weblogs, diaries, and photos. You can also make money online with your free blog site.


Allows you to do all the usual stuff you would expect from a blog site including the ability to publish and upload images etc.


Simply select your desired name and take it from there.


Wordpress is one of the most popular blogging sites and it has its own open source software that you can download and use for free. Wordpress is incredibly easy to use and install and allows you to customise your blog by downloading the thousands of Wordpress themes that are openly available on the internet.


In order to drive traffic, it is essential that a blog must be search engine friendly, Wordpress also gives you the option of friendly URLs with the option to choose how you want them to be structured.


Weblog Directory
Directory of blogs from all around the world.



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